Less is More

Slowing Down

meditating statueI sometimes think I can get more done at those times in my life when I’m super busy. But that usually only works up to a point before one feels overwhelmed with those to-do lists. Our work becomes habit, we go on auto-pilot, and when that happens, we become more prone to stress, illness, and injuries. How many times have you become injured or sick during your busiest season, or just before a vacation? Sound familiar? Our bodies have a way of giving us hints to slow down, and if we don’t listen, they will do something drastic to force us into a slower mode. So what’s a mindful person to do?

Well, if you do become ill or injured, try not to get too upset or angry about it. Take those deep breathes and do what you need to clear your schedule, take time for healing, get the appropriate medical attention and enjoy the time for rest and meditation.

To prevent injury or illness, renew yourself during busy times with yoga and exercise, outdoor hobbies, great nutrition, plenty of water, massages, alone time, and introspection. Even 5 minutes added to your daily routine can make such a difference. You might get one less thing accomplished from your to-do list but you’ll have better quality of life and enjoyment of all your activities: that is true health. Everyday, take a look at what your health needs are and always give yourself more time to slow down.

Slow Down and Less Becomes More!