Tibetan healing bowls
Rachel with healing bowls

Tibetan bowl sound healing relaxes, refreshes, and reduces stress.

Using the vibrations of sacred and ancient Tibetan instruments, sound healing produces deep relaxation, and is effective in helping to treat chronic illness and pain. Sound healing leads to a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle, weight management, and transformation of consciousness.

Rachel gently guides her clients through relaxation exercises, affirmations, and visualizations while they receive the relaxing sound healing treatments. Tibetan bowl sound healing sessions Start at $125 in Rachel’s private studio in Claremont, CA. If you’d like a healing session in your home, fees are negotiable depending on travel time. Groups of two or more start at $200.

Tibetan bowls are often used in Buddhist practice as a signal to begin and end periods of meditation. Some practitioners use the bowls to accompany singing, striking it when a particular phrase is chanted. In Japan, bowls are sometimes used during chanting and may also mark a passage of time or signal a change in activity. The bowls can be used in traditional funeral rites and various forms of worship. Every Japanese temple holds a singing bowl. Singing bowls are found on altars and in meditation rooms worldwide. Click here for more information on Rachel’s blog describing her two month long trip to Japan and her pilgrimage to 34 Buddhist temples near Chichibu, Japan.

Oral and written traditions from the Himalayan region are vast and yet little is known about traditional texts explaining the use of singing bowls. A few pieces of art dating from several centuries ago depict singing bowls in detail, including Tibetan paintings and statues. Some Tibetan monks use singing bowls in monasteries and meditation centers today.

Tibetan bowls are played by striking the rim of the bowl with a padded mallet or by rubbing a wood, plastic, or leather wrapped mallet around the rim of the bowl to emphasize the harmonic overtones, producing  a continuous sound.

Modern bowls and crystal bowls produce a very clear sound. However, the antique or older bowls that Rachel uses in her practice produce a rich array of harmonic overtones that create a unique and transformational effect.

Rachel presents occasional Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Concerts at Buddhamouse Emporium in Claremont, CA. Visit buddhamouse.com/calendar.html for dates, ticket prices and more information.

For scheduling an appointment in Rachel’s private studio in Claremont, CA or for more information, call Rachel at 909-575-7137.